Music Lessons Application
Contact information of Parent/Caregiver
Student Information
Lessons are Monday to Thursday from 4-8pm; Saturday 10-2pm
Combined Group/Private Lessons($140/month membership)
  • on average, two 1-hour group lessons and two ½-hour private lessons per month
  • the ‘group’ is capped at 2 students/class
Group Lessons($130/month membership)
  • on average, four 1-hour group lessons per month
  • the ‘group’ is capped at 3 students/class
Strictly Private Lessons ($120/month membership)
  • on average four 1/2-hour private lessons per month
  • Voice,Piano/Keyboards,Guitar,Drums

Regular Membership includes the following benefits:

  1. For enrollment of multiple family members, discount 5% off of each student fee
  2. Save 5% when a student is enrolled in multiple lessons
  3. Band Clinic (emphasis on group dynamics) – September 10th at 3pm
  4. Halloween Party – October 29th at 3pm
  5. Bring-a-Friend – December 10th at 3pm
  6. Christmas Family Party - December 17th at 3pm
  7. Drum Clinic – February 2018 (tba)
  8. Songwriting Clinic – April 2018 (tba)
  9. Summer Party – June 2018 (tba)
  10. Student Performances – monthly options
  • No Make-up Lessons: there are no make-up lessons offered for missed classes for any reason. It is a fair policy to pay our teachers, regardless of the student's attendance. In lieu of missing classes, we also encourage our students to attend the free performances, clinics, jams and parties.
  • Cancellation Policy: to cancel the music program, we must receive written notice (e-mail is acceptable) at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled payment date.
It is understood that Creative Math & Music will provide supervision during the time of the lesson or event. Creative Math & Music and its employees shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage to personal property.