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Computer Basics and Robotics (K-Grade 8)

ASTEM Year Round! Computing and Automation represent the fastest growing fields in STEM careers. Your child can now have an introduction to these programs. Enroll now for the full program. We cover Computer Basics (March/April 2018) and Robotics Introduction (May/June 2018). An introductory program designed to promote computer literacy in young minds. Through hands-on activities, participants get an inside look at the skeletal make-up of computers, explore how computers work and work their way through computer networks. In this action packed program, participants will break open computers, assemble Lego® PCBs (printed circuit boards), work the magic of 0s and 1s (binary language used by computers) to make their Avatar 001, traverse the World Wide Web and much more!

Computer Game Making Fundamentals (Grade 4-8)

STEM Year Round! We experience computers and its digital creations every day. It is not enough to just know how to use a computer anymore. Creating, developing computational thinking and ability to personalize & customize applications to solve your problems are needed skills too. Participants work with leading edge tools and learn to program and express their creativity as video games. Participants will work collaboratively like video game designers to design, develop and test their own video games.

Make-up Lessons: there are no make-up lessons offered for missed classes for any reason. It is a fair policy to pay our teachers, regardless of the student’s attendance.

Cancellation Policy: to cancel the music program, we must receive written notice (e-mail is acceptable) at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled payment date.

It is understood that Creative Math & Music will provide supervision during the time of the lesson or event. Creative Math & Music and its employees shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage to personal property.