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In-Home Tutoring

In-Home Tutoring

We are now offering private home-based tutoring and music lessons. Book your private math tutoring and music lessons in the comfort of your own home!

Children's Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your next birthday in style! Invite your friends in to have a blast, learn more about music, divide into bands and rock out on stage!

What's Happening?

We look forward to watching our talented student's perform at the upcoming parties and shows: Bring-a-Friend Party (Dec 11), Family Ball Hockey Game and Christmas Party (Dec 18), Christmas Break (we are closed from Dec 24 to Jan 2). Check out our Christmas Music Mini-Camp and give your kids a gift of Music and Fun! Check our Newsletter and pictures from our Halloween and November Shows. Come in for a tour and check out our award-winning programs. Book a FREE LESSON.


A short video on our tutoring programs. At Creative Math & Music, we make learning fun for everyone! Math & Science Tutoring. 905-686-6284

Success Story

Three of our students (The Big 3) and their Parents talk about the benefits of our Award-winning Music Programs.

Music Camps

Have fun at our award-winning children's music camps; learn more about musical instruments, play in a band, write a song and perform on stage with your friends!