Kickstart Program 4 Kids

These lessons are designed for 1st time music lesson students 4 to 8 years old, to gain exposure to instruments, introductory music theory, singing, songwriting and performance. The classes are capped at 3 students.

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  • Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and voice lessons.
  • We start at the young age of 4 and up.
  • Learn fundamental theory, practical (songs), chords/rudiments.
  • Songwriting and performance showcased.
  • Regular Live Concert Series at local venues.
  • Also learn other important skills such as dynamics and feel.
  • Student's progress is monitored through weekly lesson plans.
  • Lessons video-taped to monitor progress and set goals.
  • Studios equipped with Personal Electronic Devices for song look-ups and instrumentation techniques.
  • Facilitators are well-rounded music instructors and coaches.
  • 10% family discount and 10% discount if enrolled in math and music program.

Please CONTACT US by e-mail to receive more information on our programs or to arrange a tour. Book a FREE LESSON at the studio.

Monday to Thursday: 4-8pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm