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Music Camps

Have fun at our award-winning children's music camps; learn more about musical instruments, play in a band, write a song and perform on stage with your friends! Click here to Sign Up.

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Check out our award-winning programs & book a Free Lesson. Click on our Newsletter for current events. We offer Music Lessons, Tutoring, Birthday Parties, Specialty Parties and Music Camps.

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We are offering an exciting new educational program, STEM for Kids, beginning March 3rd. Computer Basics (K-3 on Saturdays 12-1:30), Computer Programming (Grades 4-8 on Sundays 10-11:30), Game Making (Grades 4-8 on Sundays 11:30-1). We are having an open house (STEM) on Sunday, February 25th from 10am-1pm. To register or find out more, click here

Children's Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your next birthday in style! Invite your friends in to have a blast, learn more about music, divide into bands and rock out on stage!


Check out how Creative Math & Music programs get results and make learning fun for our students! Guitar, Drum, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals and more... 905-686-6284

Success Story

Three of our students (The Big 3) and their Parents talk about the benefits and enjoyment of our Award-Winning Music Program.

Adult Jam Club

Adult Jam Club

The late Levon Helm of "The Band" said it best,"I had all the music lessons I could ask for jamming with others"! Come and Jam with us!